An artist is a marvelous creature, highly misunderstood and misjudged for all his vision and art. Art, as you know, is not always something beautiful. It is a truth, disregarded on purpose, hence sour to our senses and the artist is a madman, a heretic for he dares! he dares to show us what we […]


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Strange how people change, how their value in your life changes, how they mean the world to you a moment and at the other, they don’t fit at all. Strange how you see a person through different lenses, how their colors shift with each shift of a lense, how they go from being loved to […]

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My first book

I’ve been stumbling across children books reviews lately. Surprisingly, they’ve held my attention, the stories and the pictures both. To think of the Children’s books I can’t help but think of the first book I owned, Jubal’s Wish by Audrey Wood. It was special because it was the first time that I spent my pocket […]

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It isn’t always pets, places too are abandoned, Where once people used to flock up and the sounds of laughter and chatter used to drown your voice, you’d now find impenetrable silence. Broken only by the strayed wisp of wind or a lonely bird’s chirp, a sound that seems to have travelled from another world. […]

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The Painted Painter:

Paints, brushes, papers, the canvas I had them all, I had them stacked, I had them stored, I had them ignored and forgotten. A crazy idea flows and flutters and sits over my head, I decide to paint, to paint a portrait of myself. I stand, the canvas and me, face to face staring at […]

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The Human prints

We, humans, have this special thing about us that we have a particular SPACE for each and everyone of the people we come across. We meet alot of them, we get to know so many, some like us, some are liked by us, some we love, some we hate, some we are indifferent to, some […]

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To live and to exist

Why am I not gratified when I look around me; the leaves of the trees rusling and moving, turning shades, falling. And the tree, standing tall and formidable all the time. The birds; hatched from a brittle structure, protected by a paper thin membrane all the while they are being formed. Irony, no? To think […]

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