The Human prints

We, humans, have this special thing about us that we have a particular SPACE for each and everyone of the people we come across.

We meet alot of them, we get to know so many, some like us, some are liked by us, some we love, some we hate, some we are indifferent to, some don’t care about us, but only few selected ones get to have their personal copartments in our lives; within US.

We can’t tell where is the line where we end and that person begins, it’s like they’re a part of us.

And sometimes we think we can push them away and continue living on without having them in our thoughts, but we’re proved wrong EVERYTIME.

As everyone has their unique fingerprints, the space in our heart that person got is ONLY unique for that person.

No matter what we think or what we do, that place cannot be refilled by anyone else.

We’d have to live with a hole in ourselves. . .

And that’s what we all are, a bunch of emotions with lots of empty spaces that would never be filled. Pretending that we’re complete, predenting that we’re whole; knowing very well that each one of us is the same, yet we’re scared to admit it even to ourselves.


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