What did they tell you about me?

So what did they tell you about me?
the other day you saw me walking down the road

Didn’t they tell you that I carried a sickness with me; whoever looked at me wanted to touch me. No mortal could escape my curse,

That if your hands advanced towards me, it was I who must have bewitched you. And I had always wanted you to touch me.

Didn’t they tell you that I was something you wished for, something you had, something you possessed,

That I was a THING and therefore could be disposed off with ease. And I had no rightful place in this world.

Didn’t they tell you that I had no where to go to, no home; I was born nowhere,

That I existed in the spaces between homes and places; I existed only where you found me. And I was rightfully yours, wherever you found me.

Didn’t they tell you I was strong, so strong that you could use me as a punching bag, a bag that would heal on its own, within a matter of time,

That I was the best thing you could have, to take all your stress out on. And I would complain, and whimper and cry and moan but in the end I would always revert to same-old-me.

Didn’t they tell you that whatever I had it was rightfully yours, that I was rightfully yours; to keep, to love, to cheat, to mock, to lean on to, to push, to breed, to strangle,

That I was a shadow of yours, I breathed because you did, I had eyes, a voice, the ears; all because you had them. And I existed only for you and because of you.

Didn’t they tell you sometimes I go crazy; asking for my rights, for you to respect me and my freedom, to be considered a separate human being,

That I might cross my limits if left unchecked, I might want to walk side by side with you. And who would be the shadow then? Well, that’s a ridiculous demand to make!

They might have told you all these things, perhaps more.

So, what, exactly, did they tell you about me?

P.S: There are a number of women who are subjected to such mindset. And there are others who are doing way better in their lives, yet others who play the opposite role. Women are humans, must be treated as such, no less, no more. Funny thing is, they don’t know their own worth most of the times. Sometimes, they go as far as to suppress the voice of the ones who are vocal about their feelings.
It is for all those who don’t speak up, who live as if the treatment they receive is a valuable inheritance. They guard it. It is for all those wrinkled faces that have lost the expression, for all those eyes that seem hollow, and minds that are far beyond reach.


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